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“And by a prophet, the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved Hosea 12:13.
Millions of people live under a heavy yoke of bondage. But the Word says that Jesus came to manifest, and destroy the works of the devil. So why are so many people still living in darkness? God is releasing upon His body a Moses type of deliverance, in the Spirit, which will demand from Pharaoh, and the spirit of this world, to let His people go. God wants to anoint you with boldness and insight, so you can have the confidence to confront the Spirit of the world, and the spirit that is holding people in bondage.

February 27 2021

Join us for the
"School of the Prophetic."

SPEAKER: Apostle Everton Weekes.
  • Recognize self-sabotaging thoughts.
  • Receive freedom from fear, poverty, lack and death.
  • How to develop a healthy, believing mindset
  • Break curses, and demonic soul ties.
  • Receive freedom from past hurts.
  • Break the energy of addiction.
  • Breaking curses, and demonic soul ties.
  • Break the power of bitterness, & win over loneliness.



Are you hungry for the supernatural? Do you have a craving in your spirit to move in the Prophetic Realm? Do you want to learn how to see visions, prophesy, and heal the sick? If your answer is yes, this life changing webinar is for you!

About The Author

Apostle Everton

Apostle Everton is respected internationally, as a Pastor, Author, Teacher, and Life Coach.
He is also the Founder and CEO of Weekes Enterprise, a Consulting and Publishing company, and senior pastor of the Living Faith Churches.
He is also the residing apostolic leader of the school of ministry, and has over 300 life changing videos and CD’s to help train people in the supernatural.
In addition to that, he has traveled to the nations as a healing minister, where together with his wife, they have helped thousands of people come into victory and purpose in Christ.

About The Guest Speaker

Brad Elijah

Brad Elijah is founder and Pastor of Newday Church a thriving congregation in Paso Robles Calif. He is a prolific songwriter and singer and has led worship in many nations and venues.
Miracles, healings, and changed lives are the marks of his ministry as he travels and shares the Gospel.
Brad is married to his wife of 25yrs Eileen and has 3grown children, Aubrey, Chandler, and Joel.
His desire is to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord, through passionate and truthful teaching and anointed Praise and Worship!!

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To raise generations of men and women, who will bring the tangible presence of God, to the lives of people.

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